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"...encyclopedic memory and a fine tuned cultural sense enables Paul to share in that right way the path of his people..."
- Robert T. Doyle, MA, USA

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The American Southwest is a timeless land that still carries the footprints of its timeless peoples. So you seek connection with nature? Are you called to learn about the traditions of the Dine (Navajo) and the myths of the Ancient Ones? Are you ready for an adventure that can be a catalyst for both inner and outer growth? Then join Navajo Trails for the eco-travel experience of a lifetime!

"Native Tourism supports the growth and economic vitality of sustainable Native American tourism enterprises in the United States. Tourism contributes to the well being of indigenous peoples and the preservation of valuable assets: lands, culture, heritage and language. The focus of Native Tourism is to strengthen the capacity of American Indian tribal communities and individual entrepreneurs to develop such enterprises and to participate in the global tourism market."
- Ben Sherman (Native Tourism)

        Navajo Trails Offers Customized Group Eco-Tours

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Let Navajo Trails be your guide to Southwest Native American Culture, Sacred & Natural Sights and Art & Culture. Paul Tohlakai, founder of Navajo Trails, a full-blood Dine (Navajo), has had a life-time worth of Southwest experiences & has extensive knowledge of the Southwest people, land & culture to share. For over 15 years, Paul has been guiding tour groups & clients.

Before planning, booking or creating a tour in the Southwest or visiting Native American culture, have Paul Tohlakai and the Navajo Trails Staff give you insights to what to see & experience, possible logistical & lodging options, and cost estimates. We will research all aspects of your inquiries, and help you create an inspiring tour itinerary.

Navajo Trails will no longer create their own packaged tours. Instead, Navajo Trails will help Tour Groups & Agencies, Families & Individuals to custom design their own tour, and help them with logistical support.

Tour Agency or Group will be legally responsible for all aspects of a Custom Tour, not Navajo Trails, and will be in charge and handle all financial & logistical arrangements of Custom Tour and its Tour Participants. Navajo Trails can be contracted for specific services & logistical support as determined by a Tour Agency or Group.

NOTE: Paul Tohlakai or Navajo Trails Guide can join any segment of your tour as a Step-On Guide, you would determine where & when.

1-5 People: $250/day
6-9 People: $400/day
10 + People: $600/day
PLUS: All of Paul Tohlakai's or Navajo Trails Guide's hotel, transportation & meal expenses as well as other tour expenses.


- Tour Research on Sights, Lodging, Logistics & Costs; Referrals for Transportation, Lodging and other Tour Aspects: $25/hour. (Note: Payment for all Lodging, Transportation & other Tour Costs are paid for by the Tour organizer, not Navajo Trails.)

- Camping Equipment & Set-up (includes Camp Set-up & Cook Assistant): $50 / day per person. Camp Food must be purchased by Tour Participant or Group.