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" was some of the most impressive time of my life..." - Marianne Camenzind, Switzerland


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"Navajo Trails" was a term used around the turn-of-the-century to identify routes that were used for hundreds of years by Native Americans. The routes referred to expanded when Dineh, a nomadic tribe of Athabaskan-speaking origin, acquired the horse and became more mobile, traveling a vast territory in the Southwest and beyond to all directions in search of large game, medicinal herbs, salt, pilgrimages to sacred sites, trading, raiding and war.
Many of the ancient routes led to the four Sacred Mountains, which are oriented in each of the four cardinal directions. There, the Dineh made offerings and performed ceremonies for successful raids, good hunting, and the well-being of The People. The land inside the boundary of the Sacred Mountains was, and still is, considered to be the “Dineh cosmos.”

When you journey with Navajo Trails Tour Company, you will be following many of these ancient and sacred routes.

These are the same ones traveled long ago by the adventurous and nomadic Dineh, and the Ancient Ones have literally paved our way for us. Like the Dineh of long ago, and like the many who still respect the traditions today, you should bring with you on your journey a thirst for adventure, a respect for nature, and a desire to widen your inner and outer horizons. The oral traditions of the Dineh are filled with stories of brave deeds, fierce battles with enemies, the delight and surprise of new relations, and the insistent call of nature. As you undertake your own journey, you will have ample opportunity to add meaningful personal stories to the sacred narrative of your own life.

Come with us!

Indulge the call! Become a traveler upon the Navajo Trails and experience the power within yourself and all around you.