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The red rock mesas and the deep purple canyons of the American Southwest. The austere beauty of the Piñon pines against an expansive blue sky. The timeless beauty of a land that remains alive to the spirits of Nature and the Original People. Navajo Trails will take you there: not as a tourist, but as a “earth surface walker” who feels the pull of the sacred that still lives in the heart of the land, in the heart of all our relations, and in the heart of the self. Navajo Trails provides travel opportunities that are cross-cultural, socially responsible, and ecologically sensitive.


Paul Tohlakai, founder of Navajo Trails, is a full-blood Dine (Navajo), skilled drum maker, ceremonial leader, spiritual advisor, teacher-lecturer who builds bridges between The People and those who seek to learn from them. Navajo Trails works in collaboration with the Navajo Nation Office of Tourism and the Sacred Mountains Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to using modern tools to preserve the ancient ways. Navajo Trails offers travel to the Navajo Nation land and surrounding areas of the American Southwest, to other Native American tribes, and along the scenic “trails” of the Southwest. We are a community-based tour company designed to bring people from non-Native cultures together with Native peoples with the intention of providing clients a unique and rewarding travel experience while making positive, socially responsible contributions to local Native American economies and cultures.